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Financial Support
Losing your job, receiving a reduced income or watching your business go bust brings with it a whole heap of money worries.  Find out what free debt advice you can get if you cannot pay your debts or need help managing your money.

Step Change
Our team of debt experts help thousands of people every week to deal with their debt problems, and get their lives back on track


Citizens Advice  
Our goal is to help everyone find a way forward, whatever problem they face.


Assess the Situation

If you’re concerned about paying your bills or mortgage repayments, there’s financial support and assistance available to help you through this difficult time.

SORT YOUR SPENDING - if you have debt problems, then analysing income and expenditure is central. You have to get a handle on what you spend.

CHECK YOU BENEFITS - use the government calculator to check out what benefits you might be entitled, for example Universal credit and Jobseeker's allowance
SEEK HELP WITH YOUR MORTGAGE - if you're finding it hard to pay speak to your lender
HELP WITH PAYING COUNCIL TAX - talk to your district council about help with paying your council tax bill
RENEGOTIATE WITH UTILITY PROVIDERS - contact your broadband, energy, phone and water provider for details of support they can offer
TALK TO THE BANK - discuss with banks about any outstanding overdrafts, credit cards and loans

Other Financial Advice & Support Resources

Money Advice Service Free and impartial money advice, set up by government.

Turn to us A national charity helping people when times get tough.

Navigate Charity Our services provide free, impartial, confidential and effective money and debt management advice.

West Somerset Advice Local Assistance Scheme - Help in a Crisis.

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